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What are the duties of a maintenance technician?

A RaceTrac maintenance technician is responsible for maintaining the operational functionality of the equipment in their scope of work. They are also responsible for keeping their company-provided vehicle organized, clean and well maintained. They will be required to accurately maintain their parts inventory levels by properly ordering and selling parts and supplies. The technician is also required to maintain consistent communication with their supervisor.

What skills does RaceTrac look for in maintenance worker?

To be considered for a role in our maintenance program, the prospective individual should be mechanically inclined. The main skill RaceTrac looks for is a good working knowledge of basic hand tools (e.g., screwdriver, saw, drill and wrenches). We look for someone who can take apart a piece of equipment and put it back together properly. The personal traits we desire in a prospective maintenance worker are: self-starter, motivated, fast learner, attention to detail and the ability to take ownership of their market.

How long is RaceTrac’s hiring process?

The length of RaceTrac’s hiring process can vary based on a variety of factors, including the time needed to perform a background check.

Is there a minimum age requirement to work at RaceTrac?

In our Texas region, all store team members must be 16 or older. In all of our other regions, all store team members must be 18 or older.

Do I have to drive my own vehicle and bring my own tools?

RaceTrac provides the vehicle and tools specific to each Maintenance position.

Am I required to work overtime?

There’s no required overtime. RaceTrac is happy to offer our Maintenance technicians & teams a standard 40-hour work week.

Are there advancement opportunities if I want to grow my career?

Yes! At RaceTrac, promotions are based on performance, reliability and results. We conduct performance reviews periodically that help you understand your strengths and opportunities.

How often will I be paid?

You will receive a paycheck on a biweekly basis.

For which benefits will I qualify?

RaceTrac offers a variety of competitive benefits for medical, vision, dental and life programs. The benefits offered are dependent on your position and tenure with RaceTrac.

What is the dress code?

While on duty, all technicians are required to wear a RaceTrac polo (provided upon hire), comfortable pants or jeans and shoes. You will receive more information on your first day of orientation!

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